Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

The MSP at Washington University in St. Louis is geared at enrolling first year medical students to maximize the number of students who have a longitudinal mentoring and shadowing experience in CAP. Each year student leaders conduct a poll of program students to determine what activities and components the students would like to see in that year’s MSP. The student leaders are then polled by the program directors that create the program schedule. The MSP at Washington University consists of mentored clinical or research experiences, open to any students in the program; social events around topics chosen by students; and yearly attendance at the annual KTGF conference by as many students in the program as possible.

Official Program Name

Washington University Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation Medical Student Program
Program Director Anne Glowinski, MD, MPE
Co-Program Director Eric Spiegel, MD
Admin. Assistant Brigitte Northrop
Program Dates November–October



5-10 mentors

2 students per mentor

1-5 hours of mentorship monthly


Collaborative Care

Complex Outpatient




Students started a monthly clinic

Liaison with local groups, e.g., CHADS


Topical lunches

Topical dinners