University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

The Samuel T. Orton KTGF Child Psychiatry Interest Group is dedicated to exposing medical students to the fantastic field of child psychiatry early in their careers. The KTGF MSP at the University of Iowa has monthly meetings featuring faculty speakers, patient presentations, research discussions and opportunities, and resident leaders. The program also offers medical students the opportunity to engage in clinician work directly with faculty and residents at any time during training. The program also collaborates with general psychiatry and pediatrics groups to expand interest in the field.

Official Program Name

Samuel T. Orton KTGF Child Psychiatry Interest Group
Program Director Hanna Stevens, MD, PhD # of students: 5-15
Co-Program Director Carissa Gunderson, MD # of faculty: 4-8
Program Dates January 1 -December 31



4-8 mentors

1-2 student per mentor

1-5 hours of mentorship monthly


Annual Walk for NAMI of Johnson County


Sam Kuperman: genetic risks of Tourette syndrome and alcoholism

Jatin Vaidya: adolescent brain development, neuroimaging and risk taking Jimmy Potash: epigenetic changes with stress, mood disorders and through development

Gary Gaffney: cognitive/motor impairments with marijuana use Jake Michaelson: genomic studies of developmental disabilities and learning disorders

Hanna Stevens: animal models of disruptions in brain development Peg Nopoulos: neuroimaging and cognition in premature or neurologically impaired children

Gen Shinozaki: human epigenetic changes with experience.


Inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry
(15 unit bed; children ages 3-18)

Eating disorder program: inpatient, partial hospital, outpatient

Diagnostic Evaluations in General Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic

Telepsychiatry Clinic

Tourette Syndrome Clinic

Autism Evaluation Multidisciplinary Team

School based psychiatry with Dr. Beyer at
local elementary, middle, and high schools

Full Team Evaluations: child psychiatry, child psychology, speech pathology, and education

Pediatric Neuropsychological and psychological testing–IQ and adaptive skills evaluations

Traumatic Brain Injury assessment

Outpatient Dialectic Behavior Therapy Weekly Groups

Child and Adolescent Consultation

Developmental Disabilities Transition to Adulthood