The Klingenstein Medical Student Program: Reporting Requirements

The Foundation requires annual reports from each of the Medical Student Programs. The report, to be submitted online, includes a short answer section and a financial statement:

Reports are due:

  • January 31 following each year that you are funded by the Foundation or 45 days from the end date of your program, whichever is sooner.

Please note that submission of these reports is required by your grant agreement and continued funding is contingent on their timely submission. The Foundation also expects that each program will participate in the AACAP evaluation.

To complete your report, please go to: MSP Reporting

If you are completing your final report to the Foundation, you may be eligible for further funding, should you be interested. To determine whether you are eligible, you will need to contact the information. Please go to the MSP Application section to learn more about applying for a second grant.