KTGF National Medical Student Conference

In 2006, the tradition of the annual KTGF Games was launched, attracting about 50 medical students and mentors from five sites across the country. The Games served as an opportunity for medical students from participating schools to come together, network, present their research and clinical projects, and engage in fun competition. Beginning in 2015, the KTGF Games were renamed the KTGF National Medical Student Conference to emphasize the scientific content. The KTGF National Medical Student Conference has grown at attract over 120 participants from MSPs across the country.


Programming at the National Conference includes, but is not limited to:

  • Welcome and/or Closing reception
  • Keynote lecture by a senior child and adolescent psychiatrist(s)
  • Medical student oral presentations
  • Medical student poster sessions
  • Networking lunch or mentor/mentee speed dating activity
  • Team building games

Upcoming National Medical Student Conferences:

Stanford University                             2019
Tulane University                                      2020

Past National Medical Student Conferences:

UCLA    February 2018
Washington University in St. Louis March 2017
Yale University February 2016
Mayo Clinic February 2015
University of North Carolina February 2014
Harvard University February 2013
Brown University February 2012
University of Vermont February 2010
Yale University January 2008