NOVEMBER 15, 2019

Dear Chair of the Department of Psychiatry:

Thank you for your interest in nominating your post-doctoral investigators for the KTGF Fellowship in Depression and/or ADHD and/or Access to Care. Your involvement in this nomination and application is a critical factor not only to the success of your nominated project(s), but also to the success of the fellowship program as a whole.

The Foundation accepts nominations from selected institutions. If you would like to be included on our list of invited institutions, please contact the Foundation.

You may nominate only one investigator for each of the three fellowship programs, the ADHD, the depression and access to care fellowships. The nominated investigator should hold a Ph.D. or M.D. and should have completed all clinical training. The investigator should be at the junior faculty level or on a trajectory to attain junior faculty status. The Foundation will consider nominations of students with Ph.D.s or M.D.s who are in T32 or other designated research training programs. Regardless, the investigator should have demonstrated evidence of strong research promise and ability, and a commitment to the field of pediatric psychiatry.

In selecting a candidate/project to nominate, you should be aware that the Foundation considers the following factors, among others, in making its awards: strength of the candidate and potential for future research success, originality and soundness of the proposal, the potential for contribution to the field, the quality of institutional support, and the mentoring and training plan. It also considers the likelihood of the projectís leading toward a larger project that could receive government or other grant funding.

The Foundation conducts a two-phase competition.

Phase 1: Nomination Entry

The Nomination Entry requires (1) a written Letter of Nomination (1 Ė 2 pages) from you, the Department Chair; (2) a project abstract; and (3) information about other grants that the primary investigator has received or has applied for.

The Letter of Nomination must be signed by you, and it must indicate the following:

  • The Department Chair opened the institution's process to qualified candidates and selected a qualified applicant given the Foundationís guidelines.
  • The institutionís support for the primary investigatorís work, including: lab or office space and time; protection of research hours, if the grant is awarded; and access to appropriate faculty support;
  • A statement of support for the proposed study;
  • A statement of support for the primary investigator and his or her potential to complete the study;
  • A statement of support for the quality of the primary mentor and mentorship team.

Phase 2: Fellowship Application

If your nomination is accepted, you will be invited to submit a full fellowship application. This application requires submission of a letter of support from you. You may resubmit the letter that you entered for the nomination round, or if you would like to submit a revised letter, there is an opportunity to do so. For full instructions about the second round, please go to our For Applicants page.

To submit a nomination, please go to Fellowship Program Applications As you will see, our application process is conducted online.

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation. We appreciate the time and care with which past nominators have approached the process, and we are similarly grateful for your attention to this letter and any future nominations that you make.

Feedback will be given on all applications and candidates may reapply. KTGF offers feedback with the hope that it will be helpful in advancing each applicantís research career. The feedback will reflect the most salient responses from the selection committee but is not intended as a comprehensive summary. For those who reapply, KTGF cannot predict either the level of funding or the quality or number of future applications. Therefore, KTGF cannot assure future submissions will be successful, even if they address the concerns reflected in the feedback.


Sally Klingenstein Martell
Executive Director

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Foundation at and we will respond promptly.